Our Services

Our focus and clients consist of various businesses, schools, hotels, shopping centres, townhouse and building complexes, as well as buildings and office blocks

Our cost-effective solutions and uncompromising service excellence allows us effectively protect the communities, businesses, individuals and anything that may need to be protected.

24 hours trained Maasai security guards (dayshift and/or nightshift) on a permanent or temporary basis in residential or commercial or industrial needs. Regular supervisory visits by operational management, constant liaison with the client by management, on-site risk assessment to assist security guard in performing duties most effectively

The Reason Why We Only Work With Maasai Guards

Maasai tribe is widely known for their reliability and courageous & trustworthy personalities. And this trust element organically makes them a perfect choice for stand-guard/watchman positions. Considering “trust” is the most crucial element in the security business, especially in the Tanzania’s security landscape; as Maasai Watchers that is where we give great importance to. Moreover, to even increase the loyalty of our guards towards their employer and towards our clients; we recruit all our Maasai guards from one specific area in Tanga Region, Pangani District, near Boza. Therefore, all our Maasai guards are practically neighbors and, in some cases, even relatives. Furthermore, the Maasai Chiefs of the villages in that area are also employed by our company and they work and supervise their fellow Maasais’ from our offices in Dar es Salaam. This whole unique setup enables us to create a perfectly decent work environment for our Maasai guards and to ensure security services based on impeccable and total trust for our clients.